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Whelan Genealogy & History

Whelan comes from the pre-tenth-century Gaelic O'Faolain, meaning descendant of Faolan, which in turn means young wolf, so this is the son of a young wolf. Some of the many different spellings are Phelan, O'Failin, O'Phelan, Phaelan, Whelehan, Wealleans, Feolande, and Fyland. The family motto is God is my strong tower. Whelan family history tells us that John Phelan is the first known spelling of the name; he was bishop of Ossory, Kilkenny, Ireland, in 1437. Two members of the Whelan genealogy are tailor Patrick J. Whelan and former San Francisco mayor George J. Whelan.

Whelan Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbie Whelan-- --, 1907April ,1996WI
Barbara Whelan-- --, 1923October 13,1996RI
C Thomas Whelan-- --, 1914November 21,1989MD
Daisy Whelan-- --, 1913September 19,1994VA

Whelan Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eastman Whelan-- --, 1912September 23,2000Fresno,CA
Fay Whelan-- --, 1908March ,1975Tecumseh,MI
Gail Whelan-- --, 1917May 4,2001North Marshfield,MA
Hallie Whelan-- --, 1902September 7,1999Vine Grove,KY

Whelan Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew WhelanJennifer JohnsonOctober 14,2000Dallas, TX
Brandon WhelanRebecca BakerSeptember 25,2005Wake, NC
Charles WhelanCheryl HelmsDecember 7,2000Bastrop, TX
Farrell WhelanMolly SchmidtMay 5,1971Hays, TX

Most Common Surnames After Whelan

2270th: Wallis2271st: Dennison
2272nd: Casper2273rd: Bales
2274th: Hooks2275th: Cyr
2276th: Felton2277th: Gomes
2278th: Joy2279th: Nye

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