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Whitfield Genealogy & History

Whitfield is an English locational surname from several places called Whitfield or Whitefield throughout England. One of those, in Gloucestershire, comes from the Old English wican, meaning to bend or curve, and feld, which is open or unforested land. The others are from hwit, meaning white or chalky. Whitfield family history begins with Leonard de Witefelde, added to the Eynsham Cartulary for Oxfordshire in 1154. Whitfield genealogy boasts of a few well-known people, such as Olympic track and field medalist Mal Whitfield, prominent Great Awakening preacher George Whitfield, Flayed Disciple guitarist Jon Whitfield, and Olympic Canadian triathlon medalist Simon Whitfield.

Whitfield Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Whitfield-- --, 1933August ,1989GA
B Jasper Whitfield-- --, 1913June 18,2000WV
Callie Whitfield-- --, 1935September 12,2002GA
Dahlia Whitfield-- --, 1898June ,1984GA

Whitfield Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Loraine Whitfield-- --, 1924January 23,1994Corvallis,OR
Famon Whitfield-- --, 1925January ,1973Anderson,SC
Gabriele Whitfield-- --, 1925September 6,1996Detroit,MI
Hal Whitfield-- --, 1891May ,1971Asheville,NC

Whitfield Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Daniel WhitfieldLillie LipulaMay 18,1985Wake, NC
Elmer WhitfieldBetty HighsmithJanuary 18,1935Wake, NC
Fred WhitfieldDebra ClarkAugust 6,1983Wake, NC
George WhitfieldSharon DowisMarch 10,1975Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Whitfield

1287th: Tillman1288th: Jacobsen
1289th: Griggs1290th: Gunter
1291st: Browne1292nd: Lott
1293rd: Godwin1294th: Phipps
1295th: Pham1296th: Willard

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