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Whiting Genealogy & History

Whiting is an English patronymic surname from the Old English hwita, meaning the white one, and has several variant spellings, though most of them are quite similar to Whiting itself. It was probably used as a nickname for people with fair hair or skin. Whiting family history enters the books in 1084, when Roger Witenc was noted in the Geld Roll of Somerset, making this one of the oldest recorded names in England. Whiting genealogy lays claim to quite a few noteworthy people, such as former Virginia Supreme Court Justice Henry Whiting, Coolidge Commerce Secretary William Whiting, and Eagles defensive lineman Brandon Whiting.

Whiting Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Anthony Whiting-- --, 1954March 11,1994PA
Barbara Whiting-- --, 1930November 13,2007NY
Calaway Whiting-- --, 1917November 2,1988VA
D Helen Whiting-- --, 1922June 10,2001TX

Whiting Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Whiting-- --, 1893May ,1978Driftwood,PA
Fairfield Whiting-- --, 1897December ,1966Holyoke,MA
Gail Whiting-- --, 1957May 17,2005Hampton,VA
Hallie Whiting-- --, 1898May ,1984Palestine,TX

Whiting Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alfred WhitingNellie CanadaAugust 30,1941Wake, NC
Brian WhitingTonya PorterieNovember 17,2003Harris, TX
Darryl WhitingRita LambertJanuary 26,2003Rockwall, TX
John WhitingTerrilyn WinleyAugust 31,1985Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Whiting

1860th: Donohue1861st: Purvis
1862nd: Cheek1863rd: Trimble
1864th: Horvath1865th: Chu
1866th: Burk1867th: Thurston
1868th: Luke1869th: Jeffers

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