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Whittaker Genealogy & History

Whittaker stems from pre-seventh-century Old English hwit, meaning white, with feld, meaning field. It also descends from hwaete, meaning wheat, coupled with aecer, developed farm land. Thus this is a locational name meaning someone who lived or worked the (wheat) fields. Some different spellings of the name include Whitacre, Whitticase, and Widaker. Whittaker family history says the first known recording of the name is Richard de Wetacra in the Pipe Rolls of Norfolk, England, in 1177. Some of the members of Whittaker genealogy include mountaineer and first disabled Mount Everest climber Tom Whittaker; vegetation ecologist Robert Harding Whittaker; and businessman and $315 million lottery winner Jack Whittaker.

Whittaker Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbie Whittaker-- --, 1891December ,1979TX
Bamer Whittaker-- --, 1885February ,1975IL
Caldwell Whittaker-- --, 1904April ,1972WY
Daisy Whittaker-- --, 1904March ,1987NY

Whittaker Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Louise Whittaker-- --, 1917December 26,1993Westfield,ME
F Elmer Whittaker-- --, 1901August 1,1988Taunton,MA
G Jean Whittaker-- --, 1927February 23,2001Canton,OH
Hadie Whittaker-- --, 1891November ,1972Fremont,OH

Whittaker Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aurelio WhittakerFaye ColemanFebruary 18,1985Wake, NC
Christopher WhittakerBrenda ZandersFebruary 25,2000Dallas, TX
David WhittakerAmber KearnMay 5,2000Harris, TX
Gabriel WhittakerAmanda CadyOctober 21,2000Calhoun, TX

Most Common Surnames After Whittaker

1843rd: Caudill1844th: Giordano
1845th: Stauffer1846th: Foss
1847th: Lincoln1848th: Allred
1849th: Pfeiffer1850th: De Luca
1851st: Burkhart1852nd: Ring

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