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Wilburn Genealogy & History

Wilburn is Old English from the word welle, denoting a well, and Old Norse brunnr, meaning a spring, making this a locational name for someone who lived nearby a stream or spring. The family has been lords of the ancestral home Welborne and is thought to be descended from Robert Malet, who was granted a mill and a church in Lincolnshire, England. Their crest is a hand holding three darts. Wilburn family history mentions that in 1652, Mathew, Robert, and Sam Welbourne migrated to America and settled in Virginia. Some members of the Wilburn genealogy are 20th-century architect Leila Ross Wilburn and racecar driver Jimmy Wilburn.

Wilburn Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Wilburn-- --, 1896August ,1980TX
Barbara Wilburn-- --, 1947January 1,2005IN
Caldonia Wilburn-- --, 1881October ,1985AR
Daisy Wilburn-- --, 1903April 18,1997VA

Wilburn Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Pierce Wilburn-- --, 1925September 6,1988Pasadena,TX
Faith Wilburn-- --, 1924February 12,2006Grahn,KY
Gafford Wilburn-- --, 1884February ,1979Mesquite,TX
Hailey Wilburn-- --, 2001June 16,2003Allen,KY

Wilburn Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Barry WilburnSusan HedrickMarch 8,1986Wake, NC
Fredrick WilburnKim BlantonMay 29,2008Wake, NC
Richard WilburnHelen GradySeptember 24,1932Wake, NC
James WilburnMartha HighAugust 21,1943Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Wilburn

2385th: Low2386th: Milner
2387th: Selby2388th: Boehm
2389th: Harwood2390th: Brubaker
2391st: Quintana2392nd: Lyman
2393rd: Bach2394th: Dozier

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