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Wilhelm Genealogy & History

Wilhelm comes from the Old German will, meaning desire, and helm, meaning helmet or protection, Other spellings abound, varying especially by country, including Wilhelmi, Wilhelmy, Uilleam, Guillaume, Wilton, Wilhelmus, Wilhelmsen, Wilhalm, and Wilms. Wilhelm family history tells us that some Wilhelms migrated to America. Some of the first to arrive were John Wilhelm, Jan Wilhelm, Johan Wilhelm, and Paul Wilhelm in the New York area in 1709-1710. Noteworthy Wilhelm genealogy members are writer Kate Wilhelm, German biathlete Kati Wilhelm, German Sinologist Richard Wilhelm, Hall of Famer pitcher Hoyt Wilhelm, and Iowa State Senator Mary Jo Wilhelm.

Wilhelm Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Carleen Wilhelm-- --, 1926February 29,2004IL
Baker Wilhelm-- --, 1931July 21,2007MO
C Elizabet Wilhelm-- --, 1910June 5,2008OH
Dagmar Wilhelm-- --, 1895November ,1969OR

Wilhelm Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dorcas Wilhelm-- --, 1915August 4,2009Cockeysville,MD
F Lamar Wilhelm-- --, 1920January 21,1995Sandy,UT
G Mae Wilhelm-- --, 1916February ,1987Westminster,MD
H Lawrence Wilhelm-- --, 1922July 1,2004Pikesville,MD

Wilhelm Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy WilhelmKathy BakerJune 23,1978Wake, NC
Kenneth WilhelmDana EdwardsAugust 29,1986Wake, NC
James WilhelmGeralyn MattinglyApril 13,1991Wake, NC
Vaughn WilhelmKelly McneillMay 15,1993Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Wilhelm

1333rd: Crews1334th: Salinas
1335th: Dugan1336th: Weiner
1337th: Khan1338th: Hager
1339th: Platt1340th: Kauffman
1341st: Espinoza1342nd: Buckner

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