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Wilkerson Genealogy & History

The surname Wilkerson comes to us from the German Willhelm, which comes from the combined "wil", meaning desire or will, and "helm", meaning protection or helmet. The name also appears as Wilkisson, Wilkiesson, and Wickerson. Wilkerson family history is first recorded in 1332 with Thomas Wilkyson in the Subsidy Rolls of Cumberland. The family motto is "glory to thee, not to me". Members of Wilkerson genealogy are evangelist and author David Wilkerson, former Miss Wyoming Kimberly Wilkerson, NHRA drag racer Tim Wilkerson, Black Panther Party member Robert King Wilkerson, and Los Angeles Archdiocese Auxiliary Bishop Gerald Eugene Wilkerson.

Wilkerson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Ray Wilkerson-- --, 1912April 10,2001NJ
Babe Wilkerson-- --, 1904May ,1969OK
Cacille Wilkerson-- --, 1924December 30,1995MI
Daisy Wilkerson-- --, 1896August ,1979FL

Wilkerson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jerry Wilkerson-- --, 1914February ,1982Oxford,NC
F Madeline Wilkerson-- --, 1915September 18,1997Lewisburg,TN
Gadson Wilkerson-- --, 1889September ,1966Lawtey,FL
H Ross Wilkerson-- --, 1925October 21,1996Lenoir City,TN

Wilkerson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles WilkersonDoris MooreDecember 20,1946Wake, NC
Eugene WilkersonTraci WinchesterSeptember 20,2003Wake, NC
Fred WilkersonCarol SmithNovember 5,1977Wake, NC
Rufus WilkersonBeulah HesterDecember 26,1936Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Wilkerson

687th: McFarland688th: Werner
689th: Meadows690th: Moon
691st: Schmitt692nd: Hardin
693rd: Sellers694th: Fry
695th: Ware696th: House

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