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Wilkes Genealogy & History

Wilkes, an English name dating to medieval times, is derived from the personal name Wilk, a pet name for William. Due to William the Conqueror, William was an extremely popular medieval name. It is derived from the German Wilhelm, composed of Wil (desire) and helm (protection). Wilkes is specifically patronymic, meaning son of Wilk. American Wilkes genealogy dates to 1653 in Virginia, while English Wilkes family history dates to feudal times in Bedfordshire and includes Sir Thomas Wilkes, diplomat for Queen Elizabeth I. The Wilkes coat of arms is a gold and red shield with red lozenges (diamonds) symbolizing military strength and noble birth.

Wilkes Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Leotha Wilkes-- --, 1918May 3,1993GA
Barbara Wilkes-- --, 1927June 7,1994RI
C Stuart Wilkes-- --, 1914July ,1983IL
Daisy Wilkes-- --, 1913December 2,2003NC

Wilkes Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Wilkes-- --, 1901February ,1971Rome,NY
F Mildred Wilkes-- --, 1911March 23,1998Florence,AL
G William Wilkes-- --, 1924June 11,2004Uniontown,PA
Haaman Wilkes-- --, 1921January 19,1994Roanoke,VA

Wilkes Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alfonzo WilkesAnnie SmithOctober 19,1944Wake, NC
Brandon WilkesVirginia TinsleySeptember 27,2008Wake, NC
Charlie WilkesGale BunnJuly 14,1956Wake, NC
Delbert WilkesDonna EllisDecember 17,1972Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Wilkes

1745th: Cheng1746th: Stoner
1747th: Stapleton1748th: Hawk
1749th: Prescott1750th: Rivas
1751st: Grover1752nd: Overton
1753rd: Varner1754th: Nagel

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