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Willett Genealogy & History

Willett is a surname of either Norman French, German, or English origin. Willett genealogy shows the English and German versions are derived from the given name William or Wilhelm, while the French version derives from Ouilly-le-Basset in the Calvados region. Willett family history shows that the name first emerged in Essex, the Willett family seat. The French family crest shows three red lions rampant above three pairs of horizontal red stripes on a silver field; the English version has two red lions rampant on a silver background above a red field with a silver stag. The Willett family motto is Dieu et mon devoir: God and my work.

Willett Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Willett-- --, 1924May 7,2010AL
Barbara Willett-- --, 1968February 23,2007PA
C Edward Willett-- --, 1917February ,1983NJ
D David Willett-- --, 1925April 14,2010MS

Willett Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Anita Willett-- --, 1927April 19,2009Peoria,AZ
F Giles Willett-- --, 1926March 21,1996Little Rock,AR
Gardield Willett-- --, 1920February 15,2000Las Vegas,NV
H Irene Willett-- --, 1927April 16,2009Springport,MI

Willett Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Benson WillettMary JohnsonMay 9,1932Wake, NC
Charles WillettBarbara ReynoldsOctober 9,1970Wake, NC
David WillettGeorgia HowardSeptember 28,1947Wake, NC
Edwin WillettFrancis CooperDecember 17,1966Lubbock, TX

Most Common Surnames After Willett

2170th: Salter2171st: Pickering
2172nd: Toney2173rd: Christy
2174th: Shank2175th: Ricks
2176th: Lyle2177th: Lindquist
2178th: Kelsey2179th: Culp

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