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Wilson is an English patronymic surname, from the name Will, which is a diminutive form of William. After the Battle of Hastings, William became the most common name in England, from William the Conqueror. William itself comes from the Old German words wil, meaning desire or will, and helm, for helmet or protection. Wilson family history begins with Robert Willeson, noted in the records of the Manor of Wakefield in Yorkshire, in 1324. Wilson genealogy includes such notable people as former President Woodrow Wilson, GM CEO and Eisenhower Defense Secretary Charles Wilson, and Marine General Frances Wilson.

Wilson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Christin Wilson-- --, 1915June ,1986WI
Bloys Wilson-- --, 1948December 8,1992AL
C Clark Wilson-- --, 1924October 18,1998WA
Deborah Wilson-- --, 1964March 13,1993PA

Wilson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Adene Wilson-- --, 1898April ,1981Newburgh,NY
Fermin Wilson-- --, 1956December 16,1994East Orange,NJ
G Bruce Wilson-- --, 1927April 20,1997Lansdale,PA
Helen Wilson-- --, 1924July 16,2010San Leandro,CA

Wilson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Eustice WilsonHattie LanierJune 1,1931Wake, NC
James WilsonMyrtle PerryMarch 21,1931Wake, NC
Lewis WilsonLina FaisonAugust 8,1931Wake, NC
Kenneth WilsonJoanne PeeblesAugust 16,1969Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Wilson

10th: Taylor11th: Moore
12th: Martin13th: Thompson
14th: Thomas15th: White
16th: Clark17th: Harris
18th: Jackson19th: Lee

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