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Winn Genealogy & History

Winn genealogy is Welsh-English. The name is most commonly found in Wales today, though there are a number of possible origins for the name, all of them Old English given names or nicknames. These include the given name Gwyn meaning fair or white and the name Wynn meaning joy. When the name traveled to Ireland, it became MacGee, Mulgeehy, or Geehan, so the family histories of these names can be intertwined. A Winn family crest depicts three golden gryphons on a field of green. Winn family history in the United States includes Anne Winn and Elizabeth Winn, who both settled in Virginia in the 1650s.

Winn Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Grant Winn-- --, 1960January 1,1992OH
B Daniel Winn-- --, 1915April ,1984NY
C Brent Winn-- --, 1932February 15,2002KY
D Griffin Winn-- --, 1924October 30,2000UT

Winn Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lillian Winn-- --, 1923February 5,2000Stonington,IL
Fannie Winn-- --, 1883September ,1975Bronx,NY
Galen Winn-- --, 1963December 27,2004Plattsburg,MO
H Dudley Winn-- --, 1918September 26,1994El Cajon,CA

Winn Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allen WinnAndrea ParmerJuly 14,2000Howard, TX
Brian WinnErin SaulsJune 14,2003Wake, NC
Clarence WinnMelodie RahmanDecember 26,1991Wake, NC
David WinnMichelle MckayJune 22,1985Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Winn

1308th: Neely1309th: Ho
1310th: Childress1311th: Hirsch
1312th: Self1313th: Coker
1314th: Cahill1315th: O'Hara
1316th: Madison1317th: Temple

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