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Winters Genealogy & History

Winters was originally a nickname meaning "of gloomy or frosty temperament". In Old English, Danish-Viking, or Middle High German, the word "wintr" meant winter. It can also be an Ashkenazic "ornamental" name given to immigrants to Germany. Pre-tenth-century Gaelic Mac Giolla Gheimhridh meant "son of the servant of Geimhreadh", a byname for winter. Winters family history first records William Winter in the Knight Templars Roll in Warwickshire in 1185. Interesting members in Winters genealogy are comedic actor Jonathan Winters, Academy Award-winning actress Shelly Winters, literary critic and poet Yvor Winters, actor Dean Winters, and economist Alan Winters.

Winters Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Albert Winters-- --, 1918August 16,2010CA
Baden Winters-- --, 1930September 18,2002MD
C Diane Winters-- --, 1931July 5,1998CA
Dagmar Winters-- --, 1943March 24,2009WA

Winters Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Eileen Winters-- --, 1921January ,1984Carrollton,IL
F Janet Winters-- --, 1918January 8,2005Belmont,MA
G Marie Winters-- --, 1923September 13,1997Hawthorne,NJ
H Alice Winters-- --, 1921June 20,1988Denver,CO

Winters Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Carlton WintersPatricia JonesMarch 14,1967Wake, NC
Frank WintersKatherine BrayAugust 14,1948Wake, NC
George WintersMary FarrellJune 27,1946Wake, NC
John WintersLura ZacharyMarch 19,1934Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Winters

655th: O'Neal656th: Case
657th: Blackwell658th: Huber
659th: Bender660th: O'Connell
661st: Santos662nd: Prince
663rd: Chan664th: Haas

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