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Wisniewski Genealogy & History

Wisniewski is a Polish name with several possible origins. Most likely it was locational, given to someone who lived in one of the towns in Poland named Wisniew, Wisniewa, Wisniewo, etc.; all are derived from the word wisnia, which means cherry. Other possibilities are topographical for people who lived near a cherry tree, or occupational for someone who sold cherry brandy. The first recording of Wisniewski family history that has yet been found is Jakub Wisniewski and Maryanna his wife, who lived in Koscielna Wies, Bydgoskiego, Poland, in 1796. Wisniewski genealogy in America began with Maria Wisniewski, who arrived at Baltimore in 1868.

Wisniewski Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Wisniewski-- --, 1964August ,1979MI
Balbina Wisniewski-- --, 1887June ,1968CT
Camille Wisniewski-- --, 1898March ,1986NY
Daniel Wisniewski-- --, 1957December 6,1996CT

Wisniewski Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Helen Wisniewski-- --, 1921November 15,2005Great Falls,VA
Fannie Wisniewski-- --, 1912October ,1991Brooklyn,NY
Gabriella Wisniewski-- --, 1912December 23,2001Erie,PA
Halina Wisniewski-- --, 1926November 13,2007South River,NJ

Wisniewski Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony WisniewskiMelynda MoodyNovember 11,2000Wake, NC
George WisniewskiMeredith BourgFebruary 28,1969Wake, NC
Leonard WisniewskiBetty KoehlkeOctober 11,1947Wake, NC
Robert WisniewskiRita SpreenJanuary 14,1969Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Wisniewski

2318th: Trahan2319th: Stack
2320th: Keener2321st: Byrnes
2322nd: Scarborough2323rd: Moe
2324th: Vann2325th: Cornwell
2326th: Starks2327th: Zeigler

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