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Witt Genealogy & History

Witt is an English surname, with a few origins. First, it can be a nickname for someone with white hair or pale skin, from the Old English hwit, meaning white, which carried over to the given name Hwita. It may also have been used for people living by a curve in a river or road, from the Old English whit, deriving from wican, to bend. Witt family history begins with Thurcil Hwita, noted in the Old English Bynames of Herefordshire in 1038. Witt genealogy includes notable people such as 1920s Yankees outfielder Lawton Witt, Clinton FEMA Director James Witt, and MSNBC anchor Alex Witt.

Witt Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Witt-- --, 1935April 27,1993IL
Bai Witt-- --, 1939October 2,2009IL
Charles Witt-- --, 1932April 15,1995NE
D Ernest Witt-- --, 1919March 22,1992PA

Witt Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Clifton Witt-- --, 1918March 29,2005Pensacola,FL
F Paul Witt-- --, 1915January 28,2000Dupont,WA
G Clifton Witt-- --, 1913December ,1983Lindale,TX
H Damon Witt-- --, 1921August ,1987La Follette,TN

Witt Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Randall WittMary StewartOctober 27,1969Wake, NC
Leroy WittPhyllis SealeyJune 19,1987Wake, NC
Mark WittDonna FrenchJune 4,1995Wake, NC
Vernon WittEva MilsteadAugust 23,1971Fort Bend, TX

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819th: Mendez820th: Ashley
821st: Proctor822nd: Carney

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