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Woodard is an English surname, spelled both as Huddart and Woodard. It comes from the Old English name Wudheard, the meaning for which is unrecorded but likely related to the Old English wudu, for wood. Woodard family history begins almost simultaneously in two different cities: Walter Wudard of Warwick noted in the city's Assize Rolls in 1221, and William Hubard added to the Pipe Rolls of Colchester in Essex, also in 1221. Woodard genealogy is relatively sparse but does boast a few notable members, such as actress Alfre Woodard, Olympic basketball medalist Lynette Woodard, and Woodard Schools founder Nathaniel Woodard.

Woodard Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aarion Woodard-- --, 1927April 27,2008MN
Baird Woodard-- --, 1914April 23,1988CO
C Jo Woodard-- --, 1925May 10,2006CA
D Craig Woodard-- --, 1959June 29,1990TX

Woodard Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Stone Woodard-- --, 1926September 21,2003Winchester,TN
F Dan Woodard-- --, 1927October 20,2001Leesburg,FL
Gail Woodard-- --, 1921March 2,1999Maize,KS
H Eileen Woodard-- --, 1921January 1,1995Lodi,CA

Woodard Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew WoodardMargaret BallentineDecember 25,1950Wake, NC
Barney WoodardBetty FerrellFebruary 20,1960Wake, NC
Charles WoodardMarie MurrayMarch 27,1946Wake, NC
David WoodardMary ManlyDecember 30,1970Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Woodard

699th: Moyer700th: Pennington
701st: Harding702nd: Mullen
703rd: McGrath704th: Sexton
705th: Stuart706th: Lynn
707th: Bradshaw708th: Blanchard

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