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Woodson Genealogy & History

Woodson is from the pre-seventh-century word wudu, meaning a woodcutter or person who lived near the wood, plus son, meaning son; thus it means the son of a woodcutter or forester. The coat of arms is shield divided into sixths, the two upper corners and the lower center being silver with a gold spread-winged eagle on each, the alternate sections being blue. Woodson family history tells us that Walter de Wode is the first known spelling of the name in the Book of Fees in Herefordshire, England, in 1242. Two members of Woodson genealogy are cultural historian Ruby Garrard Woodson and voice artist William (Bill) T. Woodson.

Woodson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Woodson-- --, 1900February ,1975SC
Bailey Woodson-- --, 1911June ,1987IL
C Myles Woodson-- --, 1916March 2,1997IA
Daisy Woodson-- --, 1910January 8,2003IL

Woodson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Irene Woodson-- --, 1916October 18,1997Marianna,FL
Fairy Woodson-- --, 1891April ,1983Cottage Grove,OR
Gail Woodson-- --, 1947September 5,1998Williamston,SC
Haggar Woodson-- --, 1887April 15,1972Saint Louis,MO

Woodson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Daniel WoodsonSerlina GadiaOctober 26,2002Galveston, TX
Edward WoodsonShannon CollinsJuly 20,2002Harris, TX
Guss WoodsonEmily WilliamsApril 14,2004Harris, TX
Stephen WoodsonMabel OstermanDecember 31,1939Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Woodson

2256th: Hamby2257th: Forrester
2258th: Speer2259th: Ralston
2260th: Kitchen2261st: Trout
2262nd: Waterman2263rd: Rockwell
2264th: Reinhardt2265th: Marion

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