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Woodward Genealogy & History

Woodward is an English occupational surname deriving from the Old English wudu, meaning wood, and weard, for guardian or protector. Thus it means someone employed to steward the forest and its contents. This would include both natural health and poaching and would therefore be a very respected profession. Woodward family history begins with Sewhal le Wudeward, added to the Pipe Rolls of Hampshire in 1208. Woodward genealogy counts quite a few illustrious people in its ranks, such as journalist Bob Woodward, General and New South Wales Governor Eric Woodward, and Nobel laureate in chemistry Robert Woodward.

Woodward Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Diane Woodward-- --, 1930August ,1985DE
B Wayne Woodward-- --, 1934November 12,1993KY
C Glade Woodward-- --, 1925November 28,2004NY
D Jane Woodward-- --, 1917October 16,1991PA

Woodward Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Darlene Woodward-- --, 1926June 24,2004Brookings,OR
F Grant Woodward-- --, 1926July 7,2000Sandy,UT
Gabrielle Woodward-- --, 1907August ,1982Adrian,MI
H Frank Woodward-- --, 1914February 28,2001Lexington,KY

Woodward Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles WoodwardSigne BjorkmanNovember 16,1974Wake, NC
Dick WoodwardJacquelyn YelvertonAugust 10,1946Wake, NC
Louis WoodwardMary DunnNovember 25,1931Wake, NC
Truman WoodwardMary ParkerAugust 8,1942Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Woodward

680th: Blankenship681st: Andersen
682nd: Knox683rd: Frederick
684th: Rasmussen685th: Krause
686th: Wilkerson687th: McFarland
688th: Werner689th: Meadows

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