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Wray Genealogy & History

Wray is an English locational surname from many villages in northern and northwestern England that were invaded and settled by the Vikings, particularly Lancashire and Cumberland. It comes from the Old Norse vra, meaning nook or corner and denoting places that were remote or isolated. Some place names with this element are Wray, High Wray, Wrayton, and Wrea. Wray family history starts with Tomas de Wra, noted in the Pipe Rolls of Yorkshire in 1196. Some notable members of Wray genealogy are actress Fay Wray, cartoonist and painter Bill Wray, and R&B singer-songwriter Nicole Wray.

Wray Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Wray-- --, 1910August 21,1997PA
Bal Wray-- --, 1900October ,1974OH
C Hale Wray-- --, 1917January 26,1996WY
Dacre Wray-- --, 1909March 11,1989KS

Wray Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E J Wray-- --, 1911August 5,1997Philadelphia,PA
F Allen Wray-- --, 1935December 29,1998Byron,CA
Gail Wray-- --, 1938June 4,2004Centerville,IA
Hal Wray-- --, 1917October ,1980Orange,TX

Wray Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian WrayKirsten HumphreyOctober 17,1998Wake, NC
Charles WrayEdna SteedOctober 4,1957Wake, NC
David WrayHeather AmmonsJuly 29,2000Wake, NC
Edward WrayTeresa MooreMay 24,1997Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Wray

1926th: Lawler1927th: Ryder
1928th: Rowley1929th: Humphreys
1930th: Barrow1931st: Hutson
1932nd: Rowell1933rd: Borden
1934th: Leone1935th: Hope

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