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Wylie Genealogy & History

Wylie is a Scottish surname which has two possible derivations. The first is the Old English wilig, meaning a willow branch, and leah, meaning an enclosure, meadow, or clearing in a wood. The second is the village of Willey in Surrey from weoh, a pagan temple, and leah, a clearing in the wood. Wylie genealogy lists the family motto as fides, meaning faith. The Wylie family crest is a silver shield with three gray seated lions in profile with paws raised. Alternative spellings listed in Wylie family history include Wilie, Wiley, Whyley, and Wyllie. One famous person with a version of this name is actor Noah Wyle.

Wylie Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Wylie-- --, 1921June 7,1993AL
B Ruth Wylie-- --, 1920May 14,2003CT
Cage Wylie-- --, 1910March 17,1999TX
D Richard Wylie-- --, 1925December 23,2004OH

Wylie Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Wylie-- --, 1914February ,1982Waterbury,CT
F Otto Wylie-- --, 1916May 11,1993Saint Joseph,MO
G James Wylie-- --, 1923November 30,2005Middleboro,MA
Hairm Wylie-- --, 1891August ,1974Lexington,KY

Wylie Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allan WylieSydney SmithOctober 8,1941Wake, NC
Benjamin WylieJennifer SmallJuly 6,2002Dallas, TX
David WylieSue WillisMarch 9,1963Wake, NC
Earnest WylieEtha McbrideFebruary 17,2001Grimes, TX

Most Common Surnames After Wylie

2359th: Garvin2360th: Herr
2361st: Hartmann2362nd: Glaser
2363rd: Burleson2364th: Kopp
2365th: Bolden2366th: Boston
2367th: Dorman2368th: Laws

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