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Wynn Genealogy & History

Wynn is likely a Welsh name though it has many possible origins. It could be derived from the Welsh word Gwyn meaning white or fair, given as a nickname to a pale-skinned person or perhaps even to Anglo-Saxon invaders. Its other possible origins are the Norse-Viking word hvin, meaning gorse, probably given as a nickname to prickly people; the Old English given name Wynn meaning Joy; and the Old English given name Wine meaning friend. Wynn family history is first recorded with one Osketel Wyn, who lived in Suffolk in 1199. Wynn genealogy includes John Wynn, the first of the Wynn baronets.

Wynn Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Malcolm Wynn-- --, 1929August 1,2008AL
B Harry Wynn-- --, 1922September ,1986CA
Caldonia Wynn-- --, 1897August 15,1970IL
Dabney Wynn-- --, 1898March ,1981VA

Wynn Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eddie Wynn-- --, 1951January 1,1992Walthourville,GA
Fannie Wynn-- --, 1904December 11,1995Jeannette,PA
Gail Wynn-- --, 1911December 1,2005Orangevale,CA
H Corey Wynn-- --, 1917September 8,2002Pawleys Island,SC

Wynn Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arnie WynnPamela ChavousJune 22,2002Wake, NC
Clarence WynnElizabeth ThompsonApril 20,1936Wake, NC
Derrick WynnSusan NobleSeptember 15,1984Wake, NC
Earnest WynnTamara FranklinJanuary 29,2001Tarrant, TX

Most Common Surnames After Wynn

1186th: Swift1187th: Diamond
1188th: Dooley1189th: Hammer
1190th: Tipton1191st: Burris
1192nd: Ames1193rd: Groves
1194th: Stahl1195th: Lam

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