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Yang Genealogy & History

Yang is found throughout China and Korea. Two main Korean branches of Yang genealogy are the Cheju Yang clan descendants of Yang Ul-la (founder of the T'amnaguk kingdom), and descendants of Chinese Ch'ongju Yang (escort of Korean King Kongmin's future bride Koryo, circa 1350). The four Chinese branches include descendants of the Zhou dynasty (1046-256 BCE) royal family and people from one of three states: Yang, Qi (its Yang region), and Qin (after Yang-she from Jin conquered). Famous in Yang family history are Confucius of Western China Yang Zhen, Burmese prince Yang Kyein Tsai, 1957 Nobel prize physicist Chen-Ning Yang, and Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang.

Yang Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Kui Yang-- --, 1924February 3,2005NY
Bae Yang-- --, 1927May 15,1999CA
C Huang Yang-- --, 1914October 9,1996CA
Dae Kyong Yang-- --, 1936October 8,2004NY

Yang Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eashy Yang-- --, 1941August 8,2006Spring,TX
Fa Chue Yang-- --, 1925September 3,2008Fresno,CA
Ga Yang-- --, 1924February 15,1997Clovis,CA
H S Yang-- --, 1919October 16,2002Sherman Oaks,CA

Yang Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Chenghsun YangMuhyuan ChangMay 17,1988Wake, NC
Gao YangBairu ZhangDecember 13,2001Wake, NC
Patrick YangMaximina ChuaJune 5,1976Wake, NC
Kimmy YangElizabeth MulkeyApril 3,1982Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Yang

1026th: Justice1027th: Pickett
1028th: Roman1029th: Shafer
1030th: Downey1031st: Gleason
1032nd: Thomson1033rd: Cassidy
1034th: Cash1035th: Hopper

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