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Yeager Genealogy & History

Yeager is a German name, though mainly found in the US. It is most likely a transliteration of the German surname J�ger. That surname was derived from the German Jage, itself derived from the Old German jagen, meaning to hunt. Thus, Yeager (or J�ger) most likely began as an occupational name given to a hunter, though perhaps it was a nickname given to people known for being a good hunter. Yeager family history in America is first recorded with Johannes Yeager (Pennsylvania 1743), though the German spelling obviously goes back much further, even to 1376. Yeager genealogy includes Chuck Yeager, the earliest human who broke the sound barrier.

Yeager Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Regina Yeager-- --, 1916December 8,2003RI
Baldwin Yeager-- --, 1929March 26,1999OH
C Jean Yeager-- --, 1922July 21,2000WA
Daisy Yeager-- --, 1890August ,1973PA

Yeager Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jane Yeager-- --, 1920July 9,1993Salem,OH
Faith Yeager-- --, 1946April 8,2004Lansdowne,PA
Galen Yeager-- --, 1882December ,1966Milford,OH
Hal Yeager-- --, 1930April 18,2007Windermere,FL

Yeager Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Barre YeagerDiette EnglandJuly 11,1970Wake, NC
Charles YeagerAlecia PhillipsMay 25,1985Wake, NC
Daniel YeagerSandra KellyJanuary 13,1989Wake, NC
Gary YeagerTeresa UnateMarch 23,2002Crockett, TX

Most Common Surnames After Yeager

1179th: Montoya1180th: Huang
1181st: Plummer1182nd: Healy
1183rd: Broussard1184th: Womack
1185th: Wynn1186th: Swift
1187th: Diamond1188th: Dooley

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