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Zimmerman Genealogy & History

Zimmerman is a German occupational surname, one of the first recorded in Germany at all; it means a carpenter, or a master carpenter, which is a prominent figure in the wood industry and thus very important in the Middle Ages. Zimmerman family history goes on the books in 1200, with the noting of Cunrod Zimmermanin of Tailfingen in the charters of the town of Balingen. Zimmerman genealogy includes many renowned people, such as eighteen-year Wisconsin Secretary of State Robert Zimmerman, German Foreign Secretary and Zimmermann Telegram author Arthur Zimmermann, bandmaster and composer Charles A. Zimmerman, and answering machine inventor Joseph Zimmerman.

Zimmerman Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Eleanor Zimmerman-- --, 1911May ,1987PA
Balt Zimmerman-- --, 1908August 27,1993CA
Charles Zimmerman-- --, 1945January 15,1990PA
D Rex Zimmerman-- --, 1914January 9,1996CA

Zimmerman Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Allan Zimmerman-- --, 1914February 28,1997Buffalo,NY
F Doreen Zimmerman-- --, 1956November 19,1999Northwood,IA
Gabreal Zimmerman-- --, 1895January ,1970Hays,KS
H Arthur Zimmerman-- --, 1915October 20,1999Port Washington,WI

Zimmerman Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alan ZimmermanJoyce LancasterMay 3,1951Wake, NC
David ZimmermanTerri PenningtonAugust 16,1969Wake, NC
Edward ZimmermanSally TeterFebruary 26,1963Wake, NC
Frederick ZimmermanMary PearceOctober 6,1943Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Zimmerman

260th: Wolfe261st: Bates
262nd: Washington263rd: Swanson
264th: Stanley265th: Benson
266th: Barker267th: Fleming
268th: Fields269th: Diaz

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