Family History

Read our family history resource articles to help you get beyond just the names and dates that make up the backbone of your tree. In order to compile a successful tree, you will need to conduct extensive research into your who you ancestors were, where they lived, whom they loved. Whether you research the way your ancestors immigrated, what the origin of your surname is, whether or not you have famous relatives, or myths about an ancient coat of arms, your family history will be exponentially enhanced and you will have a true gem to pass on to your own descendants!

Family Surname Meanings

An individual's surname is a direct link to one's ancestors from hundreds of years ago. Created to define individuals by their relations, origins, or occupation, surnames shed light on any genealogist's research endeavors. By delving into the meaning behind your surname, you can learn about the careers, societal positions, and lifestyle of your ancestors.

Famous Relatives

Do you have a famous relative sitting in your family tree? Many genealogists and researchers wonder if they are related to famous celebrities and leaders. Tracing your family tree through several generations is the most effective way to determine if you are truly related to a famous person. Consider utilizing vital records, as well as US census information, to learn more about a famous branch of your family tree.

Family Crests

Originally placed on helmets during battles of tournaments, crests played a tremendous role in identifying one's family origins. Family crests can divulge an abundance of information about your ancestors, including the origins behind one's surnames, traditions, cultures, and societal ranking. Online resources are an excellent starting point for locating an image of the family crest.

Coat of Arms

While a coat of arms were initially utilized by knights, they were eventually incorporated by both families and institutions. Depending upon the symbols and colors present in the coat of arms, different meanings can be derived. For example, a coat of arms featuring the color gold and an image of bear would represent both strength and generosity. Conducting research into your family's coat of arms can provide you with valuable information about your ancestral history.

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