Family Tree Charts & Templates

The family tree chart is available online in various forms, ranging from the traditional family tree style to the pedigree chart and the fan style. Choosing a family tree chart is important, although discovering the information to put into the family tree chart is the first step. Once you have enough generations (typically three to four) researched, you are ready to begin filling in a template for family tree.

The traditional family tree chart template is shaped much like a tree, with various generations and relatives displayed on branches. A pedigree chart is a family tree template that traces the lineage of a single person through four or five generations, although you can extend this family tree template to include more generations. A fan style family tree chart template depicts each generation fanning out from a single ancestor placed in the center.

Traditional Family Tree Chart

The traditional template is the family tree, which often depicts a single person or married couple at the top and works in descending order throughout the generations. Many templates for family trees are decorative and provide spaces for family members dispersed throughout a tree. These family tree chart templates are designed to organize your family history and provide an attractive family tree template for printing and framing.

Below is a family tree template you can print out for your own use:

Family Tree Template

Pedigree Chart

The pedigree template for family tree is a more vertical look and often places a single individual to one side. Through connecting boxes, the tree moves out and then spreads vertically down the page. Most pedigree family tree templates extend to five generations because this is more easily printed on a standard sheet of paper. Multiple pedigree family tree chart templates can be filled in to create a more complete family history and also to show various branches of the same family. This family tree template is ideal for highlighting a particular surname or tracing the male lineage back through several generations.

Below is a pedigree chart template you can print out for your own use:

Pedigree Chart Template

Fan Family Tree Chart

The fan style family tree template also makes an attractive family tree chart template option and can include photos of family members next to their names if available. This is a fun way to personalize this type of family tree template, although many online family tree templates allow you to add photos to other types of templates for family trees. The fan style family tree chart template begins with a single ancestor, but fans out subsequent generations that can go full circle or just depict a half circle.

Below is a fan family tree template that you can print out for your own use:

Fan Family Tree Template

A template for family trees can be chosen for its aesthetic appeal or for its readability. You can choose the type of family tree chart template that most appeals to you and how you want your family tree template to look in its final form.

Also, more than one template for family tree can be used, especially if you want to highlight several different branches of the family with separate family tree charts. You could use one of each template for family tree or choose one style for better continuity, but change the color scheme to separate the family tree templates. Whatever you choose, your family tree chart template will be uniquely your own!

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