Family Tree Guide

Would you like to start researching your family history and building a family tree, but are not sure where to begin? Learn all about familytrees--everything from researching and building to finding additional resources and getting the kids involved.

Starting your family tree all begins with questions: what is a family tree? Who is in my family tree? From there, it's research, research, and more research! This can often be the most time consuming, but most rewarding element of building your own family tree. It can be difficult to find all the records of ancestors you need, but we have a couple tips to help you along the way. Who knows? You might even find an ancestor of yours that you were previously unaware of!

The next steps involve putting the family tree together. What style of family tree should you use, and where can you find templates? There are several different versions and styles of a family tree, but they all convey the same story of your lineage and heritage.

Lastly, learn about all the family tree-making resources you have at your fingertips, and learn how to get your children and grandchildren involved in family history research! Children are truly the future, so it's important to educate them about your own family history, so they can continue to carry on the tradition and family tree for generations to come.

Our family tree "guide book" is intended to provide you with a basic outline of how to begin your family history research and start building your family tree. Begin your journey here:

What is a Family Tree?

Let's start at the beginning: what exactly is a family tree, and who is in it? What can you do with your own family tree, and what is its value?

Searching for Your Family Tree

Now that you know what a family tree entails, how do you find yours? Sometimes, there might be an existing version of your family tree somewhere, perhaps that another distant (or unknown, even) family member may have already created. In this case, you can try to search for your family tree online or within your own family, and then build upon it.

Trace Your Family Tree Pedigree

Tracing your family tree can be time consuming, but extremely rewarding. There are various methods through which you can trace your family tree pedigree to begin constructing your family tree.

Researching Your Family Tree

If you've searched for existing family trees and have traced your pedigree, but you want more information (which is most often the case), you can continue to research your family history and tree. There are various resources you can use, one of them being your own family members! Interviewing older family members, coupled with independent research locally or online can help create a rich and robust family tree.

Make a Family Tree

Once you've done all your research and are ready to start building your family tree, where do you begin? Start with the basics and build up from there. Oftentimes, building a family tree will be an ongoing process that proves to be both an engaging hobby and invaluable, rewarding experience.

Family Tree Charts & Templates

When you're ready to start making your own family tree, learn more about general family tree chart structures, as well as the different types and styles of family trees available. Use one of our family tree templates provided here to jumpstart your creation!

Free Family Tree Resources

Once you've made your family tree, check out the plethora of family tree resources available locally and online to help you with your research.

Family Trees for Kids

Finally, get the whole family involved in family history research! Incorporate various activities into your everyday research and tree-making to make it fun for your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Get the kids involved so they can help carry on the tradition for generations to come.

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