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Part of your research involving your family tree and genealogy may actually include others' research. In fact, searching for information gained from other genealogists may be a smart strategy if you are stuck or if you feel there is more information to which you simply don't have access. Plus, communicating with others involved in the genealogical process may be quite fun and exciting!

There are a number of websites onto which genealogists can post their research, thereby helping others who may be looking for similar information. In addition, there are many message boards, blogs and genealogical sites that allow genealogists to communicate with one another and provide guidance and support for each other throughout their genealogical journey to connect with their past.

Looking through other genealogists' research and information may be a great way to uncover information you may have overlooked, and it may be the ideal way to gain access to a number of documents and photographs. Whether you're searching by surname, geography, nationality or religious affiliation, there is a plethora of information available to you, through other genealogists, which can serve to enlighten, educate and assist you when searching for your family's past.

  • Roots Location List - The Roots Location List Name Finder website is an interface that includes information from the 1998 release of the Roots Location list. The individual can search the index by keyword, and the index finds results from biggest to smallest location to simplify search results.
  • Genealogy Resource Directory - The Genealogy Directory and Message Board (DenDir) is a website that allows individuals to research their family tree and locate ancestors. This website features genealogy software and genealogy resources, as well as genealogy message boards. Individuals can search through surname lists, genealogy categories and genealogy regions.
  • Cousin Connect - This website has been down for several days.
  • SurnameWeb - Surname Genealogy Search is an online search engine devoted to the genealogy of surnames. Established in 1996, this search engine is used by individuals who want to perform genealogy searches using just a surname.
  • Surname Guide - is a surname guide that provides family trees and surname-related genealogy pages. This site was once a listing of surname websites, but it is now a compilation of both published and unpublished manuscripts.
  • Inmemoryofthem.Com - is a website that features a listing of personal genealogy websites that individuals and search and browse, texts archives that include a searchable database of historical and genealogy-related books, documents and articles, and public records where an individual can find birth, death and marriage records.
  • Genealogy Look Up Forum - The Genealogy Lookup Forum is a forum of volunteers who perform research free of charge as it pertains to genealogy research. This website also features links to researchers from different countries, as well as links to personal pages, wills pages, world family tree CDs and obituary records, among other things.
  • MyCinnamonToast Genealogy Explorer - Cinnamon Toast Genealogy is an index of genealogy websites and databases, and they are classified by surname and region. There are a number of links for regions, record type, and religions. There is a searchable index that allows individuals to search by surname.
  • Find Your Family Tree - is a website that allows individuals to build and share their family trees. The search engine allows individuals to enter an individual's complete name, along with their parents' names, as to find worldwide genealogy records.
  • - is a website that allows individuals to search by U.S. Federal census records, by surname, and by state. This website also features a multitude of helpful genealogy resources as well, including historical newspapers, court, land and probate records and Ellis Island immigrant records, among others.
  • Tribal Pages - Tribal Pages is a website that allows individuals to build their online family tree. Each website associated with Tribal Pages features photos, charts, reports, maps, relationships, events and stories. Building a website is free on this site.
  • - allows families to share videos and photos. Families create groups for a small fee, and then they can easily share photos and videos with each other through this easy-to-navigate website. This website also allows family members to have open discussions and conversations.
  • Surname Finder - Surname Finder is a search engine that allows individuals to access free and commercial resources by searching by surname. This website, which was created in 1998, provides specific "finder" pages for every surname search, thereby allowing individuals to access a number of online databases.
  • Switchboard - Switchboard, a Digital Directory, allows individuals to find an individual by entering the first and last name of the individual, along with the city or zip code. Switchboard also allows individuals to perform a reverse phone lookup and perform a public records search.
  • Internet Address Finder - is a search engine that allows individuals to search either the White Pages or the Yellow Pages. Individuals can look up the person's first and last name, as well as the city of state when searching the White Pages, or search by business name or category, as well as the city or zip code when searching the Yellow Pages.
  • Who Where - WhoWhere? is a search engine that allows individuals to perform a people search by first and last name, city and state, and reverse phone lookup. This website also allows individuals to search the Yellow pages for businesses, as well.
  • AnyWho Directory Services - AnyWho is a search engine that allows an individual to find a person or business. The searches that can be performed on AnyWho include Yellow pages, White pages, reverse phone lookup, and area/zip codes lookup.
  • - Infobel is a search engine that allows individuals to find anyone anywhere in the world. This website allows an individual to narrow down his or her search by country (the countries are separated into regions), as well as by reverse phone lookup.
  • GenBrowser - GenBrowser's License Information page provides information on this shareware. It features advantages to purchasing the software, as well as the legal issues surrounding the software. Among other things, users who use GenBrowser will be able to search more than 20 people at a time and can search more than four generations deep.
  • - is a social network for families. This network allows individuals to upload and share photos with their family members, learn about tips and ideas for family reunions, and perform searches for lost family members.
  • The Seeker - The Seeker is a website that allows you locate lost loved ones. Individuals can seek beneficiaries, relatives, military personnel or place their own message on the site. This site is free to use and is paid by sponsors.
  • World Wedding Bells - World Genealogy Records is a site that individuals can find information about their family histories. This website features a number of links, including United States genealogy records, world birth and death records, world obituary records, world cemetery records and census records.
  • Ancestor Hunt - Ancestor Hunt provides access to free genealogy search engines. Individuals can access hundreds of genealogy-based websites, including everything from U.S. Vital Records, family Bible records, census records, marriage records, and obituary records, just to name a few.
  • Surname Genealogy Archive - Surname Genealogy is a search engine that allows individuals to research surnames using death records and obituaries. The free genealogy databases found here contain death records, obituaries and other transcribed documents, all of which may help individuals in their genealogical efforts.
  • Genealogy Finds - Genealogy Finds is a website that provides old documents that may be difficult to find. Just some of the documents uncovered through this website include the members of the Dartmouth class of 1827 and the University of Nevada Sigma Nu Fraternity members from 1914 to 1917.

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