Free Family Genealogy Websites & Resources

Tracing back your family tree is rewarding, but can often be pretty challenging! Learn about new ways to make your genealogy research easier. Whether you are just beginning your genealogy research, or have been doing it for over 20 years, you may find these articles of help when it comes to discovering new genealogical resources, organizing yourself, and making the most of the research technology available!

Find Genealogy Records

When it gets difficult to find a particular genealogy record, this is the resource you can turn to. There are various reasons why you might be having a difficult time locating genealogy records. The material outlined here can help you in your investigation.

Online Search Tips for Researching Your Past

Unsuccessful in searching for someone using a name, address and state of residence? Here are some genealogical search tips that can help you.

Genealogy Research Tutorials

Don't know what genealogy is? Or how to go about tracing your family tree? This resource contains information on how to run a search, add records to your tree, run a living people search and more!

World Genealogy

If you are conducting genealogy research outside of the United States, this is the resource for you. The following contains links to genealogy websites from all around the world.

Search For Genealogists

Many people have published their genealogy research on the WWW. The Genealogy Portal has a search engine, which indexes many of these sites.

Online Genealogy

The World Wide Web makes an unprecedented amount of genealogy resources available at your fingertips. Some websites let you conduct research for free, while others require you to pay for a subscription. It is important for all genealogical researches to know the online resources at their disposal.

North American Genealogy Resources

Genealogy related information for various States and Provinces is available from a variety of servers which may be official government services, genealogy society efforts, or maintained by interested individuals.

Free Library Genealogy Resources

Libraries are a wonderful and very powerful research resource for genealogists. Find various library genealogy resources here.

US GenWeb & State Projects

The power of the internet never ceases to make a genealogist's research easier, and the GenWeb Projects are an excellent example. Through the efforts of volunteers, GenWeb provides researchers with access to public record transcriptions, including vital records, tombstone records, census information, and newspaper references. You can contribute your own research findings to the GenWeb Projects as well.

Genealogy Software & Family Tree Research

Genealogists today enjoy the power of technical advancements found in software that can help researchers easily trace, track, and organize family trees. Beyond organizing data and preserving files, genealogy software can also help you verify the accuracy of your research. The technology can rate the accuracy and validity of each point in your family tree, as well as generate reports regarding potential discrepancies.

Genealogy Societies

Find a list of family history and genealogy societies.

Genealogy Maps, Geography, Deeds and Photography

A few more useful sites that can help you in your ancestor research.

Genealogy Forums & Help

The internet has opened tremendous avenues of research for the genealogists, starting with online forums and community boards. These online communities can provide you with invaluable information during your research, and they are an excellent place to begin looking for leads. By sharing with the members of genealogy forums and boards, your family tree research may grow in an entirely new direction.

Free Genealogy Databases

A number of people are experimenting with using WWW and HTML to present the results of their genealogical research. Some of the known efforts are shown here.

Blank Family Trees & Record Forms

Today's researchers can streamline their efforts and save time by using genealogy blank forms. Whether you are a beginner or advanced genealogist, these blank forms help you easily organize your research, as well as take more effective oral histories. These blank forms can also provide you with the insight to connect missing links between relationships in your ancestors.

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