Awards and Decorations System File, December 1965 to November 1972

There are 80,701 records in the Awards and Decorations System File Index that span from December 1965 through November 1972. These records were compiled from the National Archives' collection. To learn more about the Awards and Decorations System File Index, visit the National Archives .

Information Available In This Collection

The Awards and Decorations System File Index displays the first, middle and last name of the individual and the war fought for each individual record.

About the National Archives

The source records for the Awards and Decorations System File Index are housed by the National Archives. Individuals who wish to view these records or obtain copies should contact the National Archives using the information listed below.

National Archives
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, Maryland 20740

The National Archives holds some of the nation's most valuable and historic records, in addition to being responsible for constantly compiling and updating existing records collections that pertain to the nation's history. The National Archives' records date back to 1776 and include historic documents like the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, 13th Amendment to abolish slavery, 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote, and the Zimmerman Telegram.

The National Archives operates 33 facilities throughout the country, although the most prominent locations are in Washington DC and nearby Maryland. The National Archives welcomes visitors to browse displayed items, attend workshops or lectures, or perform research. In addition to impressive milestone documents, the National Archives also houses a massive collection of military records that include records from the Civil War and Revolutionary War, as well as records from the Vietnam War.

The National Archives, as part of its collection of Vietnam War records, oversees the Awards and Decorations System File that details awards and decorations received by U.S. sailors, military officers and soldiers, and allied foreign military personnel during the Vietnam War. The individual records list the full name of the recipient, military grade, country and service, command staff, what award was recommended and approved, date of related action, date the recipient could return from overseas, date award was given, where the award was given and whether it was awarded posthumously.

The National Archives placed this file on their ADD (Access to Archival Databases) system, which allows anyone to access electronic record collections online. This way, individuals can search for a relative or friend to learn whether he is in this database, especially if a physical trip to the National Archives is not feasible. Records can still be requested that are found online by contacting National Archives.

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