Utah, Beaver County, Clerk Death Registers Index, 1900 to 1905

There are 76 death records held in the Utah, Beaver County Clerk Death Registers Index that span from 1900 to 1905. These death records come from the Utah State Archives. To get more details on the Utah State Archives and the Utah, Beaver County Clerk Death Registers Index, visit their website at the Utah State Archives and Records Service .

Information Available In This Collection

The details provided in each death record in the Utah, Beaver County Clerk Death Registers Index usually includes the deceased's full name, race, gender, date of birth, age at time of death, and date of death. Information available through the Utah, Beaver County Clerk Death Registers Index includes: the individual's first, middle and last name; the gender of the individual; the race of the individual; the birth date of the individual; the death date of the individual; and the age at the time of death of the individual.

About the Utah State Archives

The Utah State Archives maintains the Utah, Beaver County Clerk Death Registers Index. To learn more about how to request hard copies of these death records, use the following information for contacting the Utah State Archives.

Utah State Archives
300 South Rio Grande
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

The death records in the collection held by the Utah State Archives contains the personal information described above, as well as an assigned number, the deceased's parents' names and places of birth, the spouse's name, and the location of burial. Also included are the cause of death and the profession of the deceased.

Death records were not required before 1898, when Utah started requiring that each death be reported to the county clerks. Certain towns and cities in Utah did record death information prior to 1898, but the practice wasn't regulated. Often, death records exist prior to 1898 in the form of cemetery and burial records, private family records, church records and newspaper obituaries.

Between 1898 and 1905, the county clerks were responsible for maintaining death records for their county. After 1905, the Utah Department of Health standardized the death certificate and became responsible for maintaining these records. Also available is a name index covering all Utah counties between 1898 and 1905, which is maintained by the Utah Genealogical Society.

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