Utah, Cache County, Clerk Birth Registers Index, 1898 to 1905

Individuals looking for information on people born in Cache County, Utah around the turn of the 20th century can find what they are looking for in The Utah, Cache County, County Clerk Birth Registers Index. This archive holds 3,057 records in its collection that date between 1898 and 1905. All of the birth certificates and other official records in this file were retrieved from the Utah State Archives, where they are currently held. Additional information about the Utah, Cache County, County Clerk Birth Registers can be obtained by visiting the Utah State Archives and Records Service website.

Information Available In This Collection

The Utah, Cache County, County Clerk Birth Registers Index contains a variety of vital statistics on individuals who were born in Cache County during this time frame, including first, middle and last name, as well as gender. Unique information incorporated into these records is the race or nationality of the individual and the first and last names of the parents. The residence of the person and the complete date of birth are also included in the official records, when this information is available. To make retrieval of particular documents as efficient as possible, the page number where the birth record is located within the Utah, Cache County, County Clerk Birth Registers is also included.

About the Utah State Archives

All of the birth certificates and official records of the Utah, Cache County, County Clerk Birth Registers are held by the Utah State Archives. To obtain original copies of the records of this collection, or to get more information about what is contained in the archive, contact the Utah State Archives at:

Utah State Archives
300 South Rio Grande
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

In 1898, the state of Utah began requiring physicians and midwives to record each birth where they were present or assisted. In the absence of a midwife or doctor, the parents were required to report the birth on their own. While this increased the number of births reported in Utah during this time, there is no way to know if all births really were officially documented. Births were supposed to be reported on a quarterly basis to the county clerk or to the local board of health, who would then report it to the county clerk. By 1905, Utah had a new law requiring each county to file a uniform birth certificate with Utah's State Bureau of Vital Statistics.

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