Utah, Carbon County, Clerk Birth Registers Index, 1898 to 1905

The Utah, Carbon County Clerk Birth Registers is a smaller archive with just 124 records in its collection that spans approximately seven years. All of the birth certificates and records in this collection date between 1898 and 1905 and were compiled by the Utah State Archives. To get more information about what is contained in the files, visit the Utah, Carbon County Clerk Birth Registers Utah State Archives and Records Service website.

Information Available In This Collection

While the archive is small, the Utah, Carbon County Clerk Birth Registers Index includes quite a bit of information on the residents born in Carbon County, Utah during this limited time frame. Personal data includes a first, middle and last name on the individual, as well as the person's gender and address of residence. Additional information unique to this particular archive, such the person's race and a full name on the mother and father, is also provided. A birth location and the full date of birth are also included within the records, when the information is available.

To make retrieval of a specific file as quick and accurate as possible, each file is also catalogued by the page number where the record can be located within the Birth Registers Index.

About the Utah State Archives

All of the birth certificates and other official records of the Utah, Carbon County Clerk Birth Registers Index are held by the Utah State Archives. To obtain original copies of the records within this condensed archive, contact the Utah State Archives at:

Utah State Archives
300 South Rio Grande
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Beginning in Utah in 1898, physicians and midwives were required to record every single birth where they were present and assisted. If a midwife or physician was not present at the time of the birth, the reporting responsibility fell upon the parents. All births were reported on a quarterly basis to the county clerk or the local board of health, who would then report it to the county clerk. In 1905, Utah streamlined the process by passing a law stating that each county must file a uniform birth certificate with Utah's State Bureau of Vital Statistics. These records are all catalogued chronologically by birth year, although not by full birth date, since entries were recorded as they were reported, rather than by the official date of birth.

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