U.S. Cemetery Records, 1847 - 2010

The U.S. Cemetery Records index holds 354,365 records in its rather massive collection. The records in this collection contain the names and information on individuals who were buried in a cemetery somewhere in the United States between 1847 and 2010. All of the names in this archive that spans well over a century-and-a-half were retrieved from the U.S. Cemeteries, Courtesy of NamesInStone.com, where they are currently on file. Individuals can learn more information about the U.S. Cemetery Records by visiting the U.S. Cemeteries, Courtesy NamesInStone.com website.

Information Available In This Collection

The U.S. Cemetery Records index offers all the information interested parties need to find individuals buried in a wide range of cemeteries throughout the United States. Vital statistics on individuals include their full names and the years in which they died. The record also lists the cemetery where the individual is buried and a location to make it easier to find the cemetery. This is a useful tool for family members who want to find the grave of someone in their clan, genealogists, and even cemeteries that want to have an additional back-up archive for the names of people that are buried on their site.

Once you have located the deceased person you are searching for, you can even access a map of the cemetery where they are located. This helps you pinpoint the precise spot where the person is buried. There is even an interactive map available on Names in Stone so you can view the specific grave you are searching for - right from the comfort and convenience of your home office.

About the U.S. Cemeteries, Courtesy NamesInStone.com

The records of the U.S. Cemetery Records are held by the U.S. Cemeteries, Courtesy NamesInStone.com. To obtain original copies of the records of this collection, contact the U.S. Cemeteries, Courtesy NamesInStone.com at:

U.S. Cemeteries, Courtesy NamesInStone.com

Names in Stone was started after a man spent much time and many miles searching out his relatives in a small cemetery in Alabama. During his search, he also found the headstones of others he had been collecting information on, even though he didn't originally know where they were buried. The story of this man's journey demonstrates how much one can learn from spending time among the peaceful headstones of a graveyard, imagining the people that have come and gone before.

Names in Stone is designed to make such searches that much easier for family members and genealogists alike. The interactive maps included on the Names in Stone website allow visitors to actually view the headstones they are searching for without ever leaving their home. With an extensive archive that is growing all the time, this online collection is a good starting point to find individuals who lived and died in this country for well over a century.

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