Texas, Collin County Birth Records Index, 1800 - 1926

The Texas, Collin County Clerk Birth Registers is a relatively large archive that holds 50,297 records that span well over a century, documenting individuals born in Collin County during that time. The records and birth certificates in this collection are dated between 1800 and 1926 and were retrieved from the Collin County Clerk. To find out more about what is included in the Texas, Collin County Clerk Birth Registers, visit the Collin County Clerk website.

Information Available in the Texas, Collin County Clerk Birth Registers Records

The Texas, Collin County Clerk Birth Registers index includes a variety of vital statistics on individuals born in Collin County during this time frame. Last names are always included in the birth records, as well as a first name if it is available. Many of the files simply refer to "Baby Girl" or "Baby Boy," if no first name was chosen at the time of the recording. Others might include only a first and middle initial to distinguish one person with a surname from another with the same name.

These birth records also include information on when and where the individual was born, including a precise birth date and at least the county of the birth. A map is available to help interested parties pinpoint the location of birth. To make it easier to retrieve accurate birth registers from this large archive, the record also includes a unique record number.

About the Collin County Clerk

The records of the Texas, Collin County Clerk Birth Registers are held by the Collin County Clerk. To obtain original copies of the records of this collection, contact the Collin County Clerk at:

Collin County Clerk
2300 Bloomdale Road, Suite 2104
McKinney, Texas 75071

The Collin County Clerk was founded in 1857, and it serves as the primary administrator of all public records related to residents past and present of Collin County. The office allows qualified applicants to pick up copies of official documents, which includes parents, siblings and grandparents. If you do not fall into one of these categories, you can also retrieve a copy of a document, as long as you have a notarized form granting you the authority to do so.

The Collin County Clerk offers additional services for genealogy searchers, including those on the hunt for birth certificates. The documents in this particular archive date back prior to when the clerk's office began keeping official records, although this collection is also available to those interested in genealogy services. The name, date of birth and county of birth are helpful pieces of information to include when searching for a birth certificate from this particular archive.

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