Confederate Soldier Death Records, ca. 1841 to 1936

The Confederate Soldier Death Records holds 22,762 records in its collection. The records and birth certificates in this collection are dated between 1841 and 1936 and were retrieved from various sources. Some of the sources include obituaries published in Confederate Veteran Magazine and cemetery records. Because the information in this archive comes from a broad range of sources, the personal data offered on each soldier may also vary based on the facts that were available at the time the information was retrieved.

Information Available In This Collection

The Confederate Soldier Death Records index includes different personal information and military records about soldiers who served on the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Although the war only lasted four years, specifically between 1861 and 1865, it was considered the bloodiest war of America's history. With millions of soldiers losing their lives in battle, this archive contains just a few of the names of the men who served and died during this war.

Information you might expect to find in the Confederate Soldier Death Records includes the last name of the soldier, as well as initials or a first name when the information is available. The records might also include the date of death when that information is provided. Since not all of the men listed in the archive actually died in battle, the years of death may fluctuate considerably, with some not occurring until the beginning of the 20th century. The place in which the soldier is buried may also be provided, including a map to help interested parties locate the precise cemetery in question.

In addition, military service records are also included for each soldier, including a rank and other possible data. The files also include reference information as to where the data came from, making it easier for archivists, historians or interested family members to find additional information about the Confederate soldiers listed in this file. This website also includes other pertinent historic information that might have occurred on the date of the person's death. If the person died in battle during the Civil War, this information could be significant in piecing together the events that might have led to the soldier's death.

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