Confederate Soldier Service Records, 1860 to 1880

The Confederate Soldier Service Records holds 4,048,077 records in its collection that accounts for soldiers that served in the Confederate Army during the United States Civil War. Although the war only lasted between 1861 and 1865, the records in this collection are dated between 1860 and 1880. All of the personal data and military records in this archive were retrieved from the National Archives, Courtesy Individuals can learn more information about the Confederate Soldier Service Records by visiting the National Archives, Courtesy website.

Information Available In This Collection

The Confederate Soldier Service Records index includes a variety of information about the Confederate soldiers that fought during the Civil War. While personal statistics are scant, the information about the individual's military records can help interested parties pinpoint the specific person they are searching for. This particular archive includes the last name of the soldier, as well as his unit and location. A rank may also be provided for the individual, if that information was available at the time the record was created. The year or years the soldier served might also be included.

These military records are all indexed alphabetically, according to the last name of the soldier. Since dates, such as birth date, enlistment date or service date are not always provided, the archive is not categorized in any chronological fashion. It helps to know the rank and unit location of the soldier for which you are searching to ensure more accurate results.

About the National Archives, Courtesy

The records of the Confederate Soldier Service Records are held by the National Archives, Courtesy To obtain original copies of the records of this collection, contact the National Archives, Courtesy at:

National Archives, Courtesy
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001

The National Archives is the central location for many of the personal records and historical documentation for the United States. In addition to finding a wealth of information about persons who fought in the Civil War through military records, photographs of the war are also included on the website. Searches can be conducted online or through mail requests.

The National Archives has also partnered with to digitalize all of the documents and records held at the National Archives. This makes it easier for individuals to search for family members and historic events of interest from their home computers. Some of the archives have also been expanded through, offering even more information to archivists, historians and teachers. The files are updated regularly, as more information becomes available.

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