Texas, Denton County Marriage Records Index, 1846-2011

The Texas, Denton County Marriage Records holds 142,522 records in its collection that spans well over a century. All of the records and marriage licenses in this collection are dated between 1846 and 2011 and were retrieved from the Denton County Clerk. To find out more about the information included in the Texas, Denton County Marriage Records, visit the Denton County Clerk website.

Information Available In This Collection

The Texas, Denton County Marriage Records index includes plenty of basic information on both the bride and groom, as well as official marriage data. Full names for each spouse are provided when the information is available. The date and location of the marriage is also included, along with a map to pinpoint the address where the license was filed.

To make it easier to locate specific documents in this large collection, filing information is also offered. Each public record comes with its own unique document ID and document number. The location of the document in the archive, including the volume and page number is also available. Finally, documents are catalogued according to both a recorded date and an instrument date.

About the Denton County Clerk

The records of the Texas, Denton County Marriage Records are held by the Denton County Clerk. To obtain original copies of the records of this collection, contact the Denton County Clerk at:

Denton County Clerk
1400 FM 424, Suite 105
Cross Roads, TX 76227-7284

Each marriage license stored by the Denton County Clerk features a wealth of identifying information to help individuals find the documents they are looking for fast and accurately. The county clerk's office is located on the first floor of the Denton County Courthouse, and the Recording Department typically handles all requests for copies of marriage licenses and other public records.

Documents in the Texas, Denton County Marriage Records index date back to 1846. However, since the courthouse burned down in 1875, and most documents were destroyed, public records prior to that time are not as easily retrievable. The marriage licenses filed in Denton County were all obtained in that county. However, the marriage itself might have been held in a different location.

The Texas, Denton County Marriage Records in the Denton County Clerk are recorded in alphabetical order, by last and then first name of either the bride or groom. Since the date of marriage is not included in this archive, these records are not catalogued in chronological order.

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