Gorgas Hospital Mortuary Records, 1906 to 1991

There are 26,205 records in the Index to Gorgas Hospital Mortuary Records. These records begin in 1906 and continue through 1991 and were compiled from the National Archives. Individuals who wish to learn more about the Index to Gorgas Hospital Mortuary Records should visit the website for the National Archives.

Information Available In This Collection

The records in the Index to Gorgas Hospital Mortuary Records include the first and last name of the deceased, gender, race, date of birth, death location and date of death. Often, the date of birth is just the year of birth, depending on the source record.

About the National Archives

The National Archives maintains the source records that support the Index to Gorgas Hospital Mortuary Records. Individuals who wish to access these records or obtain copies should contact the National Archives using the contact information below.

National Archives
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, Maryland 20740

The National Archives is responsible for maintaining historically important records generated by the federal government. The records housed by the National Archives' 33 locations nation-wide date as far back as 1776. Record collections vary, and subjects include military records related to wars and conflicts fought, the Warren Commission and JFK assassination, Panama Canal and federal court records. Most of these are considered unrestricted and available for public viewing.

The U.S. completed one of the largest and most complicated construction feats between 1904 and 1914 when the Panama Canal was built. The Panama Canal created a canal between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and was overseen by the Isthmus Canal Commission. Over 60,000 workers populated what became known as the Panama Canal Zone, which comprised around 436 square miles. When the U.S. established a government in this zone, it also acquired what was a French hospital. Gorgas Hospital was operated by the Army and helped people throughout the Canal Zone.

The Index to Gorgas Hospital Mortuary Records was compiled from the mortuary's death registers and lists the deaths of Panama Canal Commission employees, U.S. military personnel and Canal Zone civilians. Individual records list the individual's full name, Social Security number or service number, race, age, nationality, employer, occupation, date and location of death, and when the mortuary took possession of the body. Also included in the record is the name of the person who took possession of the remains, burial place or date of cremation, disposition of cremation remains if applicable, entry number on the register, marker, section, row, grave and cost. In some instances, cause of death is also included. These records are open to the public and copies can be requested.

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