Utah, Grand County, Clerk Birth Registers Index, 1898 to 1905

The Utah, Grand County Clerk Birth Registers Index contains 173 birth records dating back to 1898 and up through 1905. These records were compiled from the Utah State Archives. To learn more about this institution, use the following link to visit them online at the Utah State Archives .

Information Available In This Collection

The birth records contained in the Utah, Grand County Clerk Birth Registers Index usually includes the last name of the baby, date of birth, gender, race, residence location and the parents' names. Any missing information is usually because the original record was not filled out properly or was damaged.

About the Utah State Archives

The Utah State Archives plays an important role in preserving the historic records pertaining to Utah's past. This includes maintaining birth registers dating back to the 1890s and through 1905 for 31 Utah counties, including Grand County. Birth certificates became required by Utah in 1898, when physicians and midwives had to register each birth they attended with the county clerk's office. If no one attended the birth, the parents were responsible. However, in 1905, the law changed when the State Bureau of Vital Statistics was formed to further standardize the reporting of births and deaths, and birth certificates were no longer filed with the county clerk.

The Grand County birth register information was put into an electronic index that is available at the Utah State Archives, but is not currently available online. Individuals may search the index using the name of the child or parents or the date of birth. The original birth register is only organized chronologically by year with each year's birth certificates haphazardly organized. There are also random insertions of birth records dating back to 1905 but up through 1939, although these don't represent a complete birth register for those years and was entered much later.

In addition to Grand County birth certificates, the Utah State Archives also has death, marriage, divorce and adoption records available for public search. Additionally, the Utah State Archives offers cemetery and burial records from various Utah counties, as well as service records, benefits and discharges and military records pertaining to many historic wars and conflicts. Also available are land records, including historic division of counties, territory and property records. Historic civil, criminal and probate court records are good resources as well.

The Utah State Archives allows visitors to research their archived records and request Grand County birth certificates in person, but also accepts records requests by mail, telephone or by using the online form. Use the information below to find out more about requesting copies of birth certificates from the Utah State Archives.

Utah State Archives
300 South Rio Grande
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

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