Texas, Grayson County Birth Records Index, 1800-2011

The Texas, Grayson County Birth Records Index offers 170,909 birth records dating back to 1800 and continuing through 2011. These birth records were provided by the Grayson County Clerk's office. To learn additional information on the Texas, Grayson County Birth Records Index, visit the Grayson County Clerk .

Information Available in the Texas, Grayson County Birth Records Index

The birth records in the Texas, Grayson County Birth Records Index feature the individual's first, middle and last name, along with the date of birth and the full names of both parents. Any missing or incomplete information is likely due to a damaged or incomplete source record.

About the Grayson County Clerk

Individuals who wish to obtain hard copies of records in the Texas, Grayson County Birth Records Index should contact the Grayson County Clerk's office using the following contact information.

Grayson County Clerk
100 West Houston, Suite 17
Sherman, Texas 75090

The Grayson County Clerk's office has a myriad of responsibilities, including the distribution, protection and maintenance of important county records. Types of records maintained by the Grayson County Clerk are property, marriage licenses, death certificates, birth certificates, assumed name certificates, probate, local civil and criminal records, brands and military discharges. Most of these records are available to the public with a few exceptions. Birth and death certificates are protected and can only be requested by authorized individuals, unless the requested birth certificate is more than 75 years old or the death certificate is older than 25 years.

The Grayson County Clerk states that authorized individuals include the person on record, an immediate family member (parent, sibling or grandparent), spouse, legal guardian or legal representative authorized by the court. The Grayson County Clerk's office is able to access birth certificates from any county in Texas, unless the type of birth record sought is a delayed birth certificate. In that case, only delayed certificates issued in Grayson County can be retrieved.

In addition to maintaining important county records and making the majority of these records available to the public on request, the Grayson County Clerk also oversees several online databases of public records that can be viewed by individuals online to ease the burden of mailed and in-person records requests. These online databases index local criminal, civil, family, probate and jail records, as well as land records, deeds and real estate records.

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