Texas, Harris County Marriage Records Index, 1941 - 1964

If you are looking for information about couples married in Harris County, Texas, the Texas, Harris County Clerk Marriage Registers has the data you seek. This archive holds more than 130,000 records in its extensive collection, with documents dating between 1941 and 1964. All of the archives were compiled and are currently stored by the Harris County Clerk. Individuals can learn more information about the Texas, Harris County Clerk Marriage Registers by visiting the Harris County Clerk's Office website.

Information Available In This Collection

The Texas, Harris County Clerk Marriage Registers index offers a variety of information on individuals who were married in Harris County during this time frame. Some of the information you can expect to receive through your search includes the first, middle and last name of the individual and spouse, the gender of each spouse, and the date and location of the marriage in Harris County. These records also may include the name and title of the person who officiated the ceremony. In some cases, other important historic events that occurred on the date of the wedding will be added as well.

These marriage records are all listed by a file number and film code number to make retrieval of documents from the archives as efficient as possible. Records are also listed by last name and chronologically, beginning with the oldest marriages and moving to the most recent in 1964.

About the Harris County Clerk

The records of the Texas, Harris County Clerk Marriage Registers are held by the Harris County Clerk. To obtain original copies of the records of this collection, contact the Harris County Clerk's office at:

Harris County Clerk
201 Caroline, Suite 460
Houston, TX 77002

Each marriage license and index stored at the Harris County Clerk's office features its own assigned number, as well as the personal information covered above. In addition, it also lists the name of the informant who made the original report. Files are properly labeled for easy retrieval, and hard copies of the documents can be requested right on the website or by contacting the Harris County Clerk's office online, by phone or through the mail.

Harris County was established in 1836 and its county seat is Houston. Today, the county boasts more than 4.1 million people living within its boundaries and is the third most populous county in the United States. The county is named for one of the early settlers to the area, John Richardson Harris. Official records for the county, including marriage licenses, birth and death certificates and property ownership records are all held and administered by the Harris County Clerk. Records are listed by name and chronologically, depending on the type of document requested.

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