Iowa Divorce Records Index, 1992 to December 2008

The Iowa Divorce Records Index holds 65,535 divorce records in its collection that spans the years between 1992 and December 2008. All of the divorce decrees and other official records in this file were compiled and are currently stored by the Iowa State Court System. To learn more about the information available in the Iowa Divorce Records Index, visit the Iowa State Court System website.

Information Available In This Collection

The Iowa Divorce Records Index includes a variety of personal statistics on individuals who were divorced in Iowa during this time frame. Facts you can expect to find in the records includes the first, middle and last names of both the husband and wife listed on the divorce decree. Documents will also contain the full date of the divorce, as well as the location where the paperwork was filed. The website may also list other events of significance that occurred on this date in history.

About the Iowa State Court System

The entire collection of divorce records within the Iowa Divorce Records Index are currently held by the Iowa State Court System. To obtain original copies of the divorce records or get more information about what is contained in this collection, contact the Iowa State Court System at:

Iowa State Court System
1111 East Court Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50319

The Iowa State Court System features an electronic docket. The docket includes proceedings in all court cases, including the divorce court cases overseen by the entire state's clerks of court offices. This docket may be helpful in finding specific cases and documents you are searching for.

Unfortunately, copies of documents are not available through the Iowa State Court System website at the present time, which may possibly slow the request process, which must be done exclusively at clerk of court offices, either in person or by mail. However, individuals may use the online docket record to perform searches if they have the case number, party's name or attorney's name related to the divorce record.

Basic information on individuals divorced in the state of Iowa is available to interested parties, without any fees. Individuals can also opt to pay a $25 fee each month for access to the "advanced search" function that provides information such as lien index, exhibit lists, judgment index, case schedules, bonds and service returns. Once the information you are searching for is located, it is much easier to request official copies of necessary documents through the clerk of court office where the divorce decree or other records are held.

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