Irish to America Passenger Data File, January 12, 1846 to December 31, 1851

The Irish to America Passenger Data File Index contains 604,154 records beginning on January 12, 1846 through December 31, 1851. These records were compiled from the National Archives. Individuals can learn more about the Irish to America Passenger Data File Index by visiting the National Archives .

Information Available In This Collection

The individual records collected in the Irish to America Passenger Data File Index feature the full name of the immigrant, gender, age, native country, arrival date, destination and year of birth.

About the National Archives

The source for the Irish to America Passenger Data File Index is the National Archives. Individuals who want to obtain copies of these records or perform further research should contact the National Archives using the contact information below.

National Archives
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, Maryland 20740

The National Archives are responsible for preserving America's historic records and documents, mostly generated by the federal government and dating back to 1776. The National Archives spreads its vast collection of records over 33 locations scattered throughout the U.S. and also has a variety of record collections available online. Military records from various wars like the Civil War and Korean War, immigration records and passenger lists, land records, historic events records like the JFK assassination, and census records. Also housed by the National Archives are priceless documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

The passenger lists housed by the National Archives are broken down by arrival port (both water and land ports) across the U.S. and cover the years 1800 through 1959. Passenger records are an important genealogy tool because individual records often include the passenger's full name, nationality, birth place, ship name, date of immigration, occupation, last residence, age, height, eye color, hair color, list of any valuables, and the name and address of friends or relatives in the U.S. who will meet the passenger.

The National Archives also has quite a few specialized passenger lists, such as the Irish immigrants that flocked to New York during the potato famine between 1846 and 1851. This index is available online through ADD (Access to Archival Databases) to search records. In addition to the details listed above, many of these passenger records include literacy, transit status, travel compartment, the ship manifest's identification number and the port of embarkation. Although 70 percent of the immigrants listed Ireland as their native country, the remaining 30 percent listed a combination of 32 countries, including Brazil, Morocco and St. Croix. These records are unrestricted and can be viewed in person at the National Archives. Also, copies of these records can be requested.

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