Japanese-American Internee Records, 1942 to 1946

The Japanese-American Internee Data File Index contains 109,384 records that span from 1942 through 1946. These records were collected from the National Archives. Individuals who wish to learn more information about the Japanese-American Internee Data File Index should visit the National Archives .

Information Available In This Collection

Most of the Japanese-American Internee Data File Index records contain the full name of the internee, name of the war (World War II), location of residence, occupation and race of the internee and spouse, if applicable.

About the National Archives

The source records for the Japanese-American Internee Data File Index are preserved by the National Archives. Individuals who wish to view these records or obtain copies should contact the National Archives using the following information.

National Archives
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, Maryland 20740

The National Archives spreads its vast collection of records over 33 locations throughout the U.S. Important documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are preserved and displayed by the National Archives, as well as many more records that pertain to America and her historic journey since 1776. The National Archives holds military collections and some private records that relate to historic wars fought, like the Civil War, all the way through more recent wars, like the Vietnam War. In addition to paper records, the National Archives also preserves historic photographs, as well as audio and visual recordings. Records from various Presidential Libraries are also preserved through the National Archives and are mostly available to the public.

The internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, however, is not a proud moment in history, but it still needs to be remembered. This is why the National Archives retained a copy of this data file for Japanese-American internees when the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice obtained the records and compiled them in this format in 1988. These records describe those internees living in Washington, California and Oregon before being transferred to one of ten relocation centers in California, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Arkansas and Wyoming.

The individual records in this collection include the internee's name, which relocation center was assigned, previous address, parents' birthplace, father's occupation, level of education, foreign residence, and whether the internee served in the military or received pensions or public assistance. Also listed will be gender, marital status, race of internee and spouse, year of birth and age, place of birth, whether internee had a Social Security number of alien registration number, whether the internee spoke Japanese, had attended Japanese language school and, if so, the highest grade completed, and the internee's occupation. Although religion and physical defects were also listed, the public version of the file has these redacted.

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