Utah, Kane County, Clerk Birth Registers Index, 1900 to 1905

There are 128 birth records available in the Utah, Kane County Clerk Birth Registers Index. These records span from the year 1900 through 1905 and were taken from the Utah State Archives. To obtain further details, visit their website at the Utah State Archives .

Information Available In This Collection

The birth records in the Utah, Kane County Clerk Birth Registers Index usually give the full names of the child and parents, along with the child's gender, race, birth date and place of birth. Often, the first name is missing for the child, which will be due to the source record being incomplete.

About the Utah State Archives

The Utah State Archives is responsible for storing and maintaining birth registers from the 1890s up through 1905 for all Utah counties that existed during that time. This includes the birth register from Kane County. Utah State Archives stores the copies of the birth certificates from Kane County, as well as offers a searchable online index to make finding that one birth certificate easier. The original birth register for Kane County is organized chronologically by year and then filed in order of report, not by name or birth date. The online index allows individuals to search using the baby's name, gender, parents' names and birth date.

In Utah, 1898 meant that physicians and midwives were required to report and register births they attended with the local county clerk. However, in 1905, the State Bureau of Vital Statistics was created, and birth certificates were filed here instead of the county clerk. Birth certificates in the Kane County register should display the name of the child, gender, race, color, birth date, residence, parents' names and the name of the informant. Copies of these birth certificates are considered public information because they are over 100 years old.

The Utah State Archives is replete with historical records and general histories of the various counties, towns and cities in Utah. They offer glimpses into the life in many time periods, which helps put many of the historical records into context. Other types of records available to the public include military discharge and benefits records, death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce records, state legislature records and historic court cases, probate records, census records and property records.

The Utah State Archives research center is open to the public, and individuals may request birth certificates from Kane County in person as well as study a variety of other record types, or may request birth certificates by mail, telephone or by using the online form. To get more information on what is available through the Utah State Archives or to make a request, use the following information.

Utah State Archives
300 South Rio Grande
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

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