Kentucky County Marriage Records Index, 1999-2005

The Kentucky County Marriage Records index is an extensive archive of 231,474 records that span the years between 1999 and 2005. All of the marriage licenses and records in this collection were retrieved from the Kentucky County Offices and are currently administered by the Vital Search website. Individuals can learn more information about the Kentucky County Marriage Records available through the Kentucky County Offices by visiting the Vital Search services website.

Information Available In This Collection

The Kentucky County Marriage Records index includes an extensive range of vital statistics on all of the individuals who were married in Kentucky County during this relatively short time frame. When available, information might include a full name, gender and date of birth on each spouse. Residence and race for each spouse might also be provided, as well as the age of each person at the time of the marriage. The marriage date and location is also offered in this archive.

An extensive archive like this one can be a challenge when you are attempting to locate a specific document. To make the process easier and more accurate, all of the records on file in the Kentucky County Marriage Records index are catalogued by a unique file number. The volume number where the document is stored is also listed, when it is available. A page number within the volume might also be included.

About the Kentucky County Offices

The records of the Kentucky County Marriage Records are held by the Kentucky County Offices. To obtain original copies of the records of this collection, contact the Kentucky County Offices via Vital Search at:

Vital Search for the Kentucky County Offices
4000 Pimlico Drive, Suite 114
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Each birth record in the Kentucky County Offices features a unique file number for efficient retrieval. The page and volume number also makes specific documents easier to locate. When available, all of the vital statistics listed above will be available as well. To retrieve a document from this archive, simply contact Vital Search online to make your request. This service works with a number of offices across the country, including the Kentucky County Offices, to assist in providing individuals with specific documents and other information they might be searching for within the public records for a given county. Documents included in the Kentucky County Marriage Records index are catalogued alphabetically by the last name of each spouse and chronologically by marriage date.

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