Canada, Kingston, Ontario Emigrant Office Records, 1862 to 1878

There are 4,433 records in the Canada, Kingston, Ontario Emigrant Office Record Index that span from 1862 through 1878. These source records are maintained by the Archives of Ontario and compiled into an online database by Individuals who wish to learn more about the Canada, Kingston, Ontario Emigrant Office Records Index can visit the Ingeneas Database and Archives of Ontario .

Information Available In This Collection

The individual records in the Canada, Kingston, Ontario Emigrant Office Records Index display the full name of the individual, the date of arrival and destination.

About and Archives of Ontario

The source records for the Canada, Kingston, Ontario Emigrant Office Records Index are preserved by the Archives of Ontario. Individuals who wish to view specific records or obtain copies should contact the Archives of Ontario using the following information.

Archives of Ontario
134 Ian Macdonald Boulevard
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M7A 2C5
416-327-1600 is an online genealogy resource that offers access to Canadian records for those with Canadian roots. These records include Canadian passenger lists, immigration records, census records and vital records like marriage licenses, birth and death certificates. The genealogy professionals at have compiled an extensive amount of records into an online searchable database. Individuals may enter a name, and associate records will appear. A description of the information available, and the option to purchase a transcription of the original document is offered.

The Archives of Ontario maintain the immigration records from Kingston, Ontario, along with a myriad of other immigration and naturalization records from the entire Ontario region. Although these records come from the Department of Immigration, which was created in 1873, individuals only have access through the Archives of Ontario. Originally, the Emigrant Office was created to assist immigrants arriving in Canada, as well as compile personal data to contribute to the overall immigration statistics. The Emigrant Office would help with providing temporary shelter and food, especially since most immigrants were poor and had little with them from home.

The Emigrant Office could also help the new immigrants find work or, if the immigrants were moving on, to initiate a special work project so the immigrants could earn money to last them the rest of their journey. The Emigrant Office also helped immigrants with medical care, if needed, and with special protection for widows and orphans traveling alone. The Archives of Ontario have many of these immigration records preserved on microfilm reels, which can be viewed by anyone. Online, the Archives of Ontario outline specific immigration records they possess, along with the corresponding microfilm reel number to make finding specific records easier.

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