Korean Casualty, National Military Personnel Records, 1950 to 1953

There are 109,974 records contained in the Korean Casualty, National Military Personnel Records Index that begin on February 13, 1950 and continue through December 31, 1953. These records were compiled from the National Archives. To obtain additional information on the Korean Casualty, National Military Personnel Records Index, visit the website for the National Archives .

Information Available In This Collection

The individual records collected in the Korean Casualty, National Military Personnel Records Index includes the full name of the soldier, race, name of war, month and day of death (year is left blank), death location, city and state of residence, branch of service and component of service. In the cases that resulted in a fatality, the year of birth is listed.

About the National Archives

The National Archives holds the source records for the Korean Casualty, National Military Personnel Records Index. To request copies of these records or to learn more about this collection, use the following information to contact the National Archives.

National Archives
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, Maryland 20740

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The Korean War Casualty File displays records relating to all military personnel who were wounded or killed in action during the Korean War. Thankfully, over 82,000 records are related to nonfatal casualties, while over 27,000 records relate to fatalities of U.S. Army officers and soldiers. These fatalities could have occurred when a soldier died as a prisoner of war, while missing in action or resulting from battle wounds.

Specifically, these Korean War casualty records include the full name of the soldier, his service number and prefix, grade, Army branch, place and date of casualty, type of casualty, casualty group, details or previous casualty type, place and date of disposition, disposition of evacuation, year of birth for those who died, military occupational specialty, sequence number for organization troop program, element sequence, unit number, component, state and county of residence, and race. These records are considered public record and can be searched online or copies can be requested.

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