Korean Conflict Casualty File, January 1, 1950 to February 7, 1957

The Korean Conflict Casualty File Index contains 33,642 records that begin on January 1, 1950 and continue up through February 7, 1957. These records were compiled from the National Archives. To learn more about the Korean Conflict Casualty File Index, visit the National Archives .

Information Available In This Collection

The records in the Korean Conflict Casualty File Index display the first, middle and last name of the individual, along with gender, race, date of birth, date of death, name of the war, death location and rank.

About the National Archives

The source records for the Korean Conflict Casualty File Index is from the collection maintained by the National Archives. Individuals who wish to obtain copies of these records or search through the records collection should contact the National Archives using the information below.

National Archives
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, Maryland 20740

The National Archives is responsible for preserving America's history through maintaining records historically significant to the nation. The types of records are largely paper, although there are still thousands of photographs, motion pictures, and audio and visual recordings to supplement the paper records. In recent years, the National Archives has put together an online database that can be searched by the public with greater access to electronic records.

The National Archives collects military records and has a substantial collection from the War Department to aid research into major historic wars like the Civil War, Revolutionary War, Spanish American War and Mexican American War. The National Archives also has record collections of census records, Panama Canal, passenger lists and immigration records, and historic maps and charts. With 33 locations spread out around the country, the National Archives is accessible to a larger number of people who want to do some research.

The National Archives' collection of Korean Conflict casualties details U.S. military personnel who died as a result of wounds sustained in battle while on combat duty during the Korean War. These records were compiled from the Department of Defense casualty report forms and from the four military services (Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps). These records can be searched in an online database as well as viewed in person at the National Archives.

Each record tends to list the full name of the soldier, branch of service, casualty location, casualty group, file reference number, processing date, military service number, rank and pay grade, date of casualty, service component, race, gender, hometown city and state, and birth date. These records can also be copied and are unrestricted, meaning anyone may access them.

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