U.S. Naturalization Records and Petitions, 1700 to 1940

The U.S. Naturalization and Petitions Index is a collection of 5,714,600 records that date back to 1700 and continue through 1940. These records were compiled from the National Archives, courtesy of Footnote.com, who was responsible for digitizing these records. To get further details on the U.S. Naturalization and Petitions Index, visit the National Archives .

Information Available In This Collection

Each record in the U.S. Naturalization and Petitions Index features the full name of the individual, country of origin, destination and arrival date (which is often just a year). Also included is the full name of the witness, the document type and publication number.

A link is provided that will redirect individuals to Footnote.com to pay a small fee to view an electronic image of the original document. If this option is chosen, individuals may save and print the image.

About the National Archives

The source records for the U.S. Naturalization and Petitions Index are stored by the National Archives. Individuals who want to further explore these records and obtain copies should contact the National Archives using the information below.

National Archives
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, Maryland 20740

The National Archives holds an array of important and historic records pertaining to America's past that date as far back as 1776. Also preserved at the National Archives are a variety of more recent records, such as census records, military records, maps, photographs, motion pictures, and audio and visual recordings. Specifically, the National Archives preserves records generated by the federal government that have a lasting impact on American society.

Individuals are welcome to visit the National Archives to perform research, especially genealogy, since the National Archives have a variety of important records open to the public. These include military records for the Civil War, Revolutionary War, World Wars I and II, Korean War, Panama Canal and veteran records. Certain immigration records are also preserved, including naturalization and petitions records. These are located on microfilm and separated by state, however, instead of compiled into a single database.

The naturalization records preserved by the National Archives only include records from U.S. district and federal courts, not state or local courts, who also had jurisdiction to authorize naturalizations and petitions. After 1906, federal courts received copies of all naturalization records through the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service). Still, the state archives will have the most complete immigration records. The National Archives does offer several name indexes online that allow individuals to view the location of the microfilm reel where a particular naturalization record is. Copies of these microfilm reels can be ordered, or they can be retrieved and viewed in person.

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